A group of people by the ocean


At Koywe, we make the separation between traditional money and digital money disappear, using local, low-cost payment methods with little chance of failure, and fully compliant.

Why Koywe?

The list of societal issues is long: poverty, hunger, climate change, centralization, quality education, social cohesion, and more.

How do we change the way we solve them? How do we organize ourselves differently?

At Koywe, we want to help test models that propose changes, new economies that seek to balance sustainability with equitable economic development. We believe that access to fast and cheap payment methods presents a great opportunity to empower new businesses and people who are trying to solve some of these problems.

Koywe is infrastructure for Latin American companies to overcome borders with local payment methods and at fair prices.

The Koywe is a Patagonian tree, capable of withstanding the harshest winters. Our clients are entrepreneurs who want to be Koywes, who are looking to create solid ventures, develop new businesses and use cases, scalable, with a clear mission and eager to revolutionize industries. We want to help them generate an interconnected forest through local payments, on a global scale.

What Koywe is

Koywe is a suite of services (APIs) and interfaces that allow, in the simplest way and at the fairest price, access to local payment methods in Latin America.

We do not hold assets, we are aggregating infrastructure to bring the traditional financial world closer to new business models.

Check out the use case section to get a more concrete idea of what can be done with Koywe. Even so, there is no limit! We will do our best to help you empower your business through these new technologies.