How does it work?

Simple! There are 2 ways of connecting to our infrastructure:

  1. As white label, using our APIs
  2. Embedded, using our widgets or iFrames

1. APIs

The first option is the most flexible one, you can style it however you want, and there's even 2 flavors of API: GraphQL or RESTful.

We provide 2 identical environments: testing or sandbox, and production. You will be able to test in a production-ready environment before moving on to production. Our team will be there guiding you the whole time.

2. Embeddings

This option is the easiest to use. One of our customers was production-ready in under 2 hours!

It has the disadvantage of not being very flexible. One size fits all in this option, and that implies having the Koywe branding and experience.

3. A little bit of both?

In Chile they say Baby who does not cry, does not drink. Book a call to talk about how to best serve you!